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Each class is a linked series of seamless movements choregraphed to music, taught by a certified instructor who explains the movements while performing them with you. Classes are open to everyone and can be adapted to every fitness level.

Essentrics Barre Workout

This fitness class combines muscle-strengthening exercises and stretches while standing or at the barre. Using the barre is a great alternative to reduce muscle tension and joint stiffness, improve flexibility, and stretch and extend the body.

Classes can be adapted for participants of every fitness and skill level.

Fusion FlowStretch

Fusion FlowStretch merges and combines your favourite styles such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, ballet, and stabilizer and fascia training. A gentle but effective regime that uses the body's weight to stretch, self-massage, and strengthen all its parts. Come try a workout that's both revitalizing and relaxing.

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ULTIME, and FIT members have free and unlimited access to all Studio Yama classes. Spaces must be reserved 24 hours in advance through our online console.



Non-members can join the following classes by obtaining a pass at the front desk. Spaces must be reserved 24 hours in advance through our online console.