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Our Studio FIT training for young people includes play periods, the development of techniques and skills, and a host of activities to improve child and teen motor skills. Participants develop a range of physical skills such as endurance, speed, agility, precision, flexibility, coordination, and strength. Programming covers many sports, including gymnastics and exercises to improve balance, and can adapt to the skill level of children of various ages. Sessions can also modify techniques and levels and offer personalized instruction even in a group setting.


Technical Segment

Participants practice 1 to 3 techniques, focus more on a given area, track their progress, and work to improve their movements and strength. All participants can work toward their own goals and with the weight of their own bodies.


Training Segment

This segment has a more demanding cardio workout where the techniques are used to complete an exercise circuit or series of repeated movements. Sometimes the challenge is to do as many repetitions as possible within a set time, and sometimes it is to do a set number of repetitions in the shortest time possible.


Play Segment

This segment has easier techniques, and participants often use functional movements with the weight of their own bodies to achieve different goals each week (agility, speed, coordination, etc.). It also includes group play, relays, and other activities.

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Members with annual regular FIT plans have unlimited access to Studio FIT programs and full use of OPEN GYM hours. Classes must be reserved 24 hours in advance through our online console.



Non-members can join any class with an asterisk by signing up for individual sessions. Please see the registration page for fees and programs. We also have Circuit FIT classes for kids and teens.