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Pre-natal Classes

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Perinatal fitness

Perinatal physical activities performed alone or in groups have their share of benefits, but must done safely. During your pregnancy, and during childbirth, your body has undergone significant changes. The Sporthèque's mission is to make you move safely in an atmosphere of pleasure. Several classes are offered to vary and target strengthening, mobility and stretching. Come and benefit from the workouts designed by coaches and kinesiologists with training in prenatal and postnatal. Of course, babies are accepted in all classes because we want to make physical activity accessible.

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Course fees for registration*

Pre- and Post-Natal
Program WINTER Session 2020
FrequencyMember RatesNon-member rates
Pre and postnatal classes1x per week$125$135
2x per week$211$228
3x per week$260$281



Annual regular PRESTIGE, ULTIME, and FIT members have free access to all pre- and post-natal programs (maximum three classes per session), and must register through our online console. They also have unlimited access to spin classes.



Non-members can join any pre/post-natal program by pruchasing a 10 class card.